Living La Vida London

It’s hard to believe that this was my first time in London since it’s one of those cities that everyone seems to have have stories about visiting or living there for what they’ve often described as one of the “best times of (their) lives”.

Tower Bridge
Tower Bridge

But before I share my own London tales, I have to begin with what was my most bizarre passport control situation to date.  I arrived in Standsted Airport, one of London’s smaller regional airports, which is often preferable especially when Heathrow is a notoriously challenging airport to navigate.  The line was short and there was only one baggage claim area, so I was feeling pretty great about Standsted.  That is, until I got to the passport control window and the immigration officer began asking me a series of personal questions that I found not only intrusive but downright ridiculous.  Here’s an annotated version of our exchange:

Officer:  “So, I see that you’ve been traveling the past few weeks.  What brings you to London?”

Me:  “Yes, I’m lucky enough to travel in Europe for the summer!”

Officer:  “I see.  What is your occupation?  Are you married?”

Me:  “Well, I worked for a media/entertainment company, but I don’t anymore.  Um…no not married.”

Officer:  “Why did you leave your job? Do you have a boyfriend? How long are you traveling?”

This interrogation  went on for about 10 more minutes until I found myself confessing to this officer about how hard it is to meet a good guy and that it was a really tough decision to leave my job but it felt right and as if that wasn’t enough, I also had to let her know how much money I had in my personal bank account.  WTF!! I realize that everyone is locking down on immigration, but this seemed over the top.

OK, back to the part where I love London.  Thanks to Facebook, my old high school friend Tuyen generously connected me with her sister and I stayed the first couple of nights with a wonderful couple named Jolie and Zack and their adorable baby girl Lavender.

2016-07-29 18.30.31
Westminster Abbey is enormous, impressive and makes me want to speak with an English accent.
2016-07-29 18.35.59
I mean, look at this place. It’s incredible.

It’s easy to see why so many people, especially New Yorkers, are obsessed with London.  There’s a familiar energy,  incredible ethnic diversity (in fact, I’m pretty sure I saw more interracial couples here than any place I’ve ever been), the hustle of people rushing through the streets, theater everywhere (side note:  if you’re wondering what The Game of Thrones cast does when they’re not shooting the show, they’re performing in London theater), restaurants and bars and yes, it’s expensive so it felt a bit like home, but much more scenic.  Sorry NYC, it’s just the truth.

Here are some visual highlights to my time in London Town.

Drinks at Gordon's Wine Bar and a delish dinner at Barrafina with the lovely Cassie Bowman!
Drinks at Gordon’s Wine Bar and a delish dinner at Barrafina with the lovely Cassie Bowman!
2016-07-26 20.29.22
The incredible gardens at Regent’s Park.
2016-07-26 21.20.36
Queen’s Garden inside Regent’s Park had the most insanely gorgeous rose garden I’ve ever seen. And yes, I did stop to smell the roses!

2016-07-26 21.27.282016-07-26 21.19.29

Black swans!
Black swans!
Tower of London!
Tower of London!
2016-07-27 18.36.32
These houses inside the Tower square belonged to the Tudors
2016-07-27 19.06.56
This is where you can see the Royal Jewels.
This is where Anne Boleyn was executed by Henry VIII who was a total womanizing lunatic.
This is where Anne Boleyn was executed by Henry VIII who was a total womanizing lunatic.
2016-07-27 12.43.15
Camden Market on a typically dark cloudy London day
2016-07-29 14.07.19
The British Museum is enormous and free!
2016-07-29 18.30.10
Look kids, Big Ben (Parliament)!
2016-07-29 14.15.02
Inside the British Museum
2016-07-29 18.00.10
Trafalgar Square
2016-07-30 13.39.26
Bombay Pimm’s at the very delicious Dishoom recommended by literally everyone I know who’s ever been to London and now I will pay it forward and do the same.

I stayed a few days in Shoreditch, also recommended to me by many friends.  It’s a hip/happening neighborhood full of bars, street art, and as one friend described it “is bit more gritty” than other parts of the city.  I particularly enjoyed my lunch at Dishoom, an Indian restaurant that has an incredible local and US following and it did live up to the hype.  If anyone is visiting, I recommend you go to the one in Shoreditch for lunch where you’re less likely to deal with long lines.  I also made a new friend from Spain living in London and over a couple of beers we traded stories about work, travel, his love of Americans and our open/warm personalities, my love of Spain and what it’s like to live in London (not easy).

It’s impossible to see all of London in just five days, but I certainly got a good feel for the city thanks to new friends like Jolie and Zack who gave great recommendations, as well as so many of my friends from the U.S.  I’m excited to be part of the “I Love London” club and look forward to returning to this beautiful, big city.

4 thoughts on “Living La Vida London”

  1. So cool you got to meet Lavender! We are all anxiously waiting for the Wyatts return! Glad you got a taste of London. So much to see and do!

    1. Lavender and her parents are the cutest! It’s so great they’re coming home. Thank you for setting me up with them.

  2. The smaller the airport, the more serious the case of #notonmywatch. US airports with two gates are THE WORST.

    so glad you loved London and so happy you had a good stay in Shoreditch.

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