Bae (“Bye” in Icelandic) America!

After a proper Fourth of July send off and celebrating America with BBQ, beer and Breaking Bad (mom’s current binge), it’s time to say goodbye to my family and friends and start this adventure. 

So many people have asked “what are you bringing? How big is your bag?” 

So to dispel the mystery, I’m bringing my carry on roller and a day pack.  The color matching was purely but fortuitously coincidental/kismet. I’ve limited myself to 3 pairs of shoes, t-shirts, a few pants, skirt, a couple of summer dresses, toiletries and some warmer items for Iceland.  And of course I’ve brought the many incredible gifts from friends who’ve given me phone cases, perfect pens, journals, self-addressed cards, bracelets and most importantly your love and support. 

Next stop, Reykjavik! 

5 thoughts on “Bae (“Bye” in Icelandic) America!”

  1. Even in the age of facile “performance art” and hollow “experimentalism,” there is work that reminds jaded readers like myself that there is value in some of what stands under the all too wide umbrella of avant-garde.

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