One Way Tickets


Hey Friends and Family,

I’ve succumbed to the pressure from friends and family to start a blog so that I may share my experiences during this exciting time in my life. I can’t make any promises about how often I will update this blog as I’m working hard to become  a true lady of leisure.

In just 12 days, I leave for Reykavic, Iceland where I hope to swim in the Blue Lagoon, admire the fjords, let my Game of Thrones freak-flag fly and maybe hang out with some fairies.  This is the first of what I hope will be a series of one way tickets and destinations TBD.

So if you’re wondering “where in the world is Sandy?” check back and look for updates. Special shout out to my pal David Pascual for building this blog and for making the hilarious “Get Ready” page.

And thanks to everyone for cheering me on and remember there’s an open invitation to meet me along the way.


Korean Khaleesi (@sassysandyg)



3 thoughts on “One Way Tickets”

  1. Sandy, wishing you an amazing adventure with a lot of fun, a lot of new friends, a lot of great food and wine and once in a lifetime experiences. Stay safe, girlfriend and looking forward to living vicariously through your tales.

    1. Thanks so much My-Chau for the note and for your constant friendship and support! You’re the best kind of friend.

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